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I'm new here


This is my inspiration.


My name is Daniel and I'm seventeen. I'd like to say that I'm a photographer, but I probably don't qualify. I'm a writer who's not a fan of writing papers and an artist on occasion.

But I do like to read. I love learning about completely random things (I binge watch TED Talks on YouTube for hours).

I love to spend time outside, in nature. I'm in love with the summer breezes tussling my hair in the soft sunlight of 8 PM. I walk miles each day to escape the commotion of people, receding into the enclave of music, from either my headphones or the world around. 


art is fluid

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers official 4.png


Reformated for our golden age. Watch and listen along with me. Just click through.

The only question left is: MP3 or MP4?



Sounds like you decided to bless your ears. Nice call.


TV, movies

Easy on the eyes. Welcome to the dark side.