After clearing her name, saving millions of lives, and discovering the mastermind behind it all was the very man who had trained her at Quantico, American hero Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: she was fired by the FBI. But now she has been given the chance to serve her country again: in the clandestine ranks of United States' top intelligence agency, the CIA.


What do I think?

Quantico was my first time getting sucked into an ABC series and a government drama. I lived for and diligently watched every episode of Season 1. Season 2 was a maturation period for the show, and I lost interest about six episodes in. In late May, I took a road trip and had time to binge. I decided to see how Season 2 ended. I finished the rest of the season in just two days. 

Needless to say, I am looking forward to Season 3, even though it'll be only thirteen episodes.


I've Watched To:


Season 2; Episode 22

Alex and the team make a final stand against the collaborators at the Constitutional Convention, where a new amendment threatens the freedom of all citizens.


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